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PLUG CALLING ATTIRES is a Lifestyle Clothing Brand. Our brand styles, designs and products speaks volumes for itself. We want to embody into our purchasers style is a viewed visual projection of your personality to those around you. We have become well known for our main mission statement which is us working tirelessly to be ensuring bring you the best of our designed products seasonly, with very affordable prices on the clothing market for our eloquent quality products. Our brand stands to strive, thrive and prosper at keeping a place in the heart and minds of our customers. We have been offering our customers the best of our customer service continuously.  

PLUG CALLING clothing brand has been made up of street and sports attires. Our online store and products will be perfect for you if you need a go to company that has cheap and cheerful products that's made from our best craftmanship for the price our branded premium products are sold at. We want to continue to prosperously thrive, and survive in the marketplace but we fully need all our customers helps to do so because we are solely reliant on sales. 



Our PLUG~LDN collection is classified as a semi-detached brand design from PLUG-CALLING'S cruise collections. As our brand products is known for being the brand that hardly restocks products once they’ve sold out... this has made it harder to get your hands on our exclusive product’s from any of our collections. Most product’s are not available after a certain amount has been produced over a period of time because it limits the amount in circulation. So make a pre-order if you really want a product that's out of stock. 

This collection has expanded from the beginning of it's design existence. Our exclusive street attires started starring in our cruise collections: in the colours grey, navy, and black. Once the items we restocked are all sold out that is when we will restock again and only then not before then.



Since the trademark was founded by MR POND FORBES our online store has become synonymous with quality of our own clothing because it has always been the most comfortable. We aim at producing a variety of comfortable clothes, exclusive limited edition and seasonal products that is affordable. Browse our online store and start shopping now!

For a one-of-a-kind shopping experience enable all the setting on the cookies banner when it appears so we can improve PLUG CALLING'S service to all customers and site visitor's. PLUGCALLING was founded with one goal in mind and that was to make different styles in a city of England, London through our fashion. Our business was built around making affordable cheerful products. Style fades but Fashion last forever!